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I moved timezone, and retrospect won't forgive me.

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I have moved from Central to Pacific timezone, and when restoring file from an older archive have gotten around this up till now by resetting the Mac OS X preferences date & time to the old timezone to get the archive recognized.


Now, however, I have a problem. I am trying to retrieve a snapshot from the old archive, and irrespective of whether or not I reset the clock, I get the message "4-Backup Set 6.0-1 is not a member of this backup set. Although it is named corrctly, it has a different creation date: 2/16/2004 1:08 am instead of the desired 2/16/2004 3:08 am. Please find the proper member or re-execute with the other backup set".


I have to react viscerally here, and say that this software was written by an officious, authoritarian, anally-retentive bean-counter. Sorry, but I had to vent here, becuase Retrospect won't let me get at my own archive after I trusted the software with it according to advertized claims.


Hey Dantz guys, how about loosening up a bit with the following alternative message:


"Although it is named corrctly, 4-Backup Set 6.0-1 has an unexpected creation date: 2/16/2004 1:08 am instead of the desired 2/16/2004 3:08 am. DO YOU WISH TO PROCEED? (Y/N)"



Do I REALLY have to re-catalog all eleven 4.7 gig removable disks before I can get into this thing? (*sigh*)



Thanks for any advice,



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Are you saying that changing the time zone ("Time Zone" tab) no longer works but did work in the past?


Did you quit Retrospect before changing the time zone?


When Retrospect reports the time offset, have you gone back to System Preferences to confirm that the time and time zone are still set for Central Time?


I agree with you that Dantz should provide some means to deal better with time zone (and Standard Time/DST) changes.

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I am sorry, I had looked in retrospect help for "timezone" and "time zone" before posting the above message, but did not see anything that seemed relevant. I still don't. Moreover, I still do not see a "time zone" tab in the mac version of Retrospect 6.0. Where is it, I wonder.


Yes, I quit retrospect and reopened it after changing the Mac system clock.


Yes, I did check that the system preferences showed central time after the time offset was reported.





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- Many thanks for info. The way I understand it, the problem is not the creation date of the actual retrospect data file, it is the creation date of the backup I am selecting within that data file (that data file contains three backups of the same drives on different dates). My understanding is that the "snapshot" feature of retrospect lists all the volumes in that data flie that were backed up, along with backup date for each. The creation/modification date/time for the data file reflects the date and time of the most recent backup.


Since retrospect is reading backup dates within the data file, I actually don't understand in what sense it is comparing these to today's date and figuring out the timezone (yet not recognizing it as a timezone change). So there seems to be a combination of my ignorance of what is going on, with a lack of flexibility in the software itself.


Thanks again, Paul.

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