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EasyScript completely lost

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When I opened up Retrospect today my EasyScript was gone. The backup has executed last night as expected according to the log, but no script is defined in Retrospect Directory. Observe that nor the server, nor Retrospect has been touched for a few days. My suspicion is that my backup will continue to run as usual. It would be nice to be able to edit the script though...


Can I locate the script file on the harddrive manually? Where does Retrospect store its settings? Is this a known issue? Anyone have similar experiences?


Mac OS X Server 10.3.7

Retrospect 6.0.193

Sony AIT-2 tapedrive

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The log will indicate what backup script ran; typically, "Normal backup to [script name] at..." Is it the name you expect?.


Are you saying that the Automate> Scripts window is completely blank? Can you see the script in the Run menu, the Automate> Check window, or the Automate> Preview window? If you can see scheduled events in the Preview window, try highlighting an event and click on Edit Script.


I don't suppose there's a chance someone renamed the script with all spaces or something like that.


If all else fails, the configuration file may be hosed. It's found at /Library/Preferences/Retrospect/Retro.Config (6). (Note that this is the library at the root level; not your user library.) Try moving it to the desktop and see if Retrospect behaves better If you don't have a backup of this file and it is indeed corrupt, you'll need to recreate your scripts and lists.

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