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restoring problems


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About 2 weeks ago, I made a backup of my files including my main outlook file. However, in subsequent updates, the main outlook file was not included to be updated. When I tried to restore my files from my catalog the outlook.pst file was no where to be found. Did the original backup get deleted and if so, is there a way to recover the file. I am rather surprised that the email outlook file was not backed up as all other files were (and they were already backed up).








Thanks for the help.















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Try doing the restore this way:




Let's try to setup a restore so that we can view all files


(including different versions) that are in this backup set.




Please go to Immediate > Restore, and select Search for Files and Folders,


and then proceed to select your Backup Set. Click OK.




In the Destination selection window, select the destination drive and


Retrieve Files & Folders from the pop-up window. Click OK.




Leave the criteria field blank, and click OK.




In the confirmation window, click the Files Chosen button. This will build


a browser window containing everything in your Backup Set. Try navigating


to the files that you would like to restore.




Mark these files for restore, and execute the restore.

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