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Error 4096 (unknown) trying to back up a .pst file for OS X

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I'm using Retrospect 6.0 Server for Macintosh trying to back up PC clients running Windows XP. When I try to back up the windows clients I get an error 4096 when it goes to back up the .pst files from Outlook. Yes, outlook is open when I'm running the backup....HOWEVER, if I try to back up the same Windows client from Retrospect 6.5 for WINDOWS the backup works fine (including the outlook files).


Is the macintosh server version missing some feature of the windows version? And what is error 4096 -- another mysterious, undocumented Retrospect error.


Is there any way to back up PC clients (including outlook files) from the Macintosh?

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Here's the answer I received from Dantz/it appears to be a bug/error in reporting errors (also known as a bug). It appears that the Mac version of Retrospect is significantly worse than the PC version---the PC versions have no problem backing up Outlook (and the registry)....


What's the point of a backup program if it can't backup one the most important PC files?


The error you received when trying to backup the open .pst files is perfectly normal. For some reason we are reporting it as a 4096 error rather than a simple -49 error file in use. With retrospect on the MAC, you will not be able to backup all open files on either Mac or windows clients. You can setup an event handler to shut out of outlook before the backup, otherwise manually close the program on the client machine. The reason for the windows version being able to backup the .pst is because windows has an open file backup agent in the OS. Let me know if you have any questions regarding this, I would be happy to answer them for you. Thanks, and have a great weekend.




John Cruey

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