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reassigning clients to different macs

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I manage a network of ten macs in our office. When I buy new macs, I give them to our fastest people, and shift their macs to others in the office. Then I clear out the drives, and generally give away the oldest machines. With recent OS improvements, it is relatively easy to transfer the apps and docs from an existing mac to a new (empty) mac, although a few things are still missing).


Then I need to reassign that older mac to someone else in the office. For instance, Nick just got a new G5 dual 2.5, and I am now trying to reassign his G4 Dual 1 GHz to Aaron. I wanted to take everything from Aaron's old G4/450 over to the G4 Dual 1 GHz. How do I move his Retropsect Client over?


I cannot even see his computer on the Retrospect Network, even though he shows on my network through the finder.


I have four other new macs (two G5's and two PowerBooks) coming later in the week, and I don't want to do this wrong again. I will be moving Retrospect to another computer as well, but there are clear instructions for that on your website. It is primarily the client that I am having issues with.

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I do not try and "transfer" the client as such. Instead I sort out the old computer and new computer separately, both fairly simple.


1) If the old computer is being decommissioned then uninstall the client. Otherwise, rename the client to match the new owner: connect to the client and from the configure tab, use the Rename button.


2) Install a Retrospect client on the new computer and set it up as normal.

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