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Change selectors for a backup set

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Today I started a new backup set to DVD. I picked the "Documents Folder and Hot Items" selector and created a script to run that backup.


Now I am thinking that I might want to change the selectors for that script. I'd like to exclude items with the "cool" (blue) label, and include my iPhoto library in the same backup set.


My question: Can I just change the selectors for the script that I created and continue to back up into the same backup set, or do I have to start over with a new backup set?


Another question just occurred to me: Could I create a SECOND script to backup just my iPhoto library, and use both scripts to back up into the same backup set (I might want to back up the documents folders every day, but only do the iPhoto library after I have imported new photos or done some editing of photos in the library).

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You can change the script.


You can run multiple scripts to the same backup set.


You can mix manual and scripted backups.




You are probably safer to let the iPhoto library script run every day rather than remembering to run it when required. If nothing has changed, then nothing gets backed up.

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