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how to enable backups in the background without a login

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I enabled fast user switching on G5 at home so that all my kids, my wife, and I have seperate logins. Well, I haven't used the computer in a month, but my family is on it non-stop, and backups have not occurred.


Is there a way to enable backups to occur without my account being logged in?




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I am not running Retrospect in the same environment--60 Macs on a network--but if I am not mistaken, the concept is the same. You need to give Retrospect the access to all the clients on that computer (network). To do this, you need to remove Retrospect as the administrator, then reinstall it as root.


For instructions for logging in as root, check the Apple Help menu. It's all there.


Remember to log out as root, because root has access to EVERYTHING, including your operating system. It also gives people out there access to EVERYTHING.


Hope this helps.

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Bah. Retrospect always runs as root, even when it's been installed as a regular "administrator" user. There is no need to enable the root account and run the installer from it.


That being said, I have not ever tried scheduling a script as one user and having it run while another "fast" user is logged in.


If you launch Retrospect as one of the family users, does its script run?

If you launch Retrospect as one of the family users, what do you see in Automate->Preview?

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