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Mac server / Windows client / hang after first DVD

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I'm running Retrospect 6.0.204 with 5.9.104 drivers on a Mac G4 MDD (10.3.7) with a Pioneer SuperDrive, and am trying to back up onto DVD a Windows machine running XP SP 2 and Retrospect Client 6.5.132. I have 9 gig to back up, so more than one DVD is needed. The backup to the first DVD runs fine, but when I'm prompted for the second, Retrospect hangs -- it never moves on from the file that it was in the middle of backing up at the end of the first DVD, and I get the Spinning Beachball of Death -- the CPU utilization goes up to 100% (most of which is being pulled by Retrospect) and I'm dead in the water. The Retrospect icon in the Dock reports "Application not responding", and I have to force quit the app. Once I've done that, the DVD appears on the desktop with an appropriate name (e.g. 2-BackupSetName). Get Info claims that the DVD now holds 2K of data.


I've successfully done multi-DVD backups of Mac and Linux clients, so that part of Retrospect is working OK. Arggh. Does anyone have any clues or suggestions?



Jim Miller

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