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Accidentally deleted script

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macOS 12.5.1 Monterey on iMac

Retrospect 18.5.3

Backing up to external 8TB hard drive (5 partitions)

I have used Retrospect for years but this is the first time I've accidentally erased a script. I know I could recreate the script, but wouldn't just that start a brand new backup? Is there any way to make a new script that will pick up where the old one left off? Thanks for any suggestions.

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I accidentally deleted 21 very detailed scripts. Retrospect Support saved my bacon by giving me the following advice:

  1. Locate and recover a backup copy of the file configs.xml that predates the date & time you deleted the script(s). On Mac, this file normally is in MacHD/Library/Application Support/Retrospect.
  2. Go to this link: https://www.retrospect.com/en/support/kb/server_configuration_management
  3. On that page, go to this link: Retrospect for Mac - How to Import Engine Configuration and follow the instructions for Importing.
    1. When you click on File/Import in Retrospect, you'll see the Retrospect Import Window.
    2. In that window, deselect all but the Scripts option.
    3. When you click OK in the Retrospect Import Window, a Finder window will open allowing you to select the recovered configs.xml file.
    4. After that, you should see all your missing scripts repopulate the Scripts window in Retrospect.
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