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Retrospect Console Preview -- NOOOOOOO!

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This forum is far too quiet, for the best backup software this side of the equator 🥇

I like the current Retrospect user interface. May we please have a local web server console so we can manage it from another PC on the LAN? I know there's now a cloud-based "Remote Management Console" -- but what we need is a LOCAL web-based management console for an individual backup-server-host, whether it's Retrospect Desktop or a Multi-server, etc. (I know, you have to integrate a web server stack, which is messy...)

WHAT I DON'T WANT IS an updated user interface that devotes large swaths of the screen space to WHITE SPACE and MEANINGLESS GRAPHICS.

Has anyone else seen what NovaStor did to NovaBackup? They took a tight, concise UI that all fit on one screen, and changed it so that you had to "Step Thru" many screens to execute a task. Seems this is the way of the future -- no word-based menus, must use ICONS! And who needs distinct mouse buttons on laptops. (If it ain't good enough for Apple...)

Retrospect developers -- PLEASE don't change the user interface so that we're treated as if we can't read manuals or understand how to setup jobs. I don't want to be asked each setting as question "Please choose your sources [Next]... Please choose your destination [Next]...  Do you want to use compression? [Next]... Do you want to verify media? [Next] next, next, next, ... Finish. I don't want to see fonts in 36-point typeface.

When I saw the first image below my first thought was: C'MON, REALLY?  I don't quite know what to think of the circle design below, but I can say that it's not a table of data.
PLEASE GIVE US A SCREEN WITH ALL OF THE SETTINGS ON IT, Not stepping through a series of screens...

Please, don't make this application look like it's meant for stupid people with zero attention span. Please. Don't.

I realize that the announcement of Console Preview is now three years old, but it does say that this design will be the "replacement" to the current UI. It seems like no such change has been made yet, based on the online manuals linked to from the latest  v18.x release (I'm still on v16), and I hope you find a middle ground to being both more user-friendly (e.g. accessible to a wide customer base) and keeping it tight and concise. </rant>






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