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Retrospect handling of NTFS Junctions?


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Something jiggled my memory when I read this question. NTFS is mentioned 51 times in the user guide, but I think this is the important point.

Open File Backup Unlimited – Protects open files on NTFS-formatted volumes on Windows
servers, desktops, and laptops. This add-on makes it possible to protect line-of-business
applications—such as accounting, CRM, and proprietary database systems—while they’re
running, even those with data files spread across multiple volumes. Retrospect’s Open File
Backup Unlimited add-on extends to all Windows systems protected by your Retrospect host
server, including end-user desktops and laptops.

That said, it might be you need to work with the Selectors.  This problem may also be caused by Windows security settings for the NTFS share. There's also this mention:

Windows Volume Mount Points (NTFS Mounted Drives)
Windows allow you designate an empty folder as a volume mount point, a kind of gateway for
accessing a different drive. For an overview and configuration instructions, see the Windows help
index under “mounted drives overview” and “mounting volumes as NTFS folders.”

There are many other mentions, but I would say the answer is yes if you have the right license, you just need to open the Acrobat doc and Ctrl-F for NTFS. If that doesn't answer your question email support@retrospect.com

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