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Source HD becomes ''offline'' even though its mounted

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Mac 10.12.6 Ret Version 15.6.1 (105)

I use scripts with favorite folders to backup client folders. 

A HD source becomes ''offline'' and a new HD source is listed in source list in the program Retrospect.

Yesterday the source HD was fine and my scripts backed up to the source HD fine. 

Today when i opened the program Retrospect, the source HD had the tilde, and a new source with the same name was listed below it. 

My script using the offline HD did not succeed when run of course. I had to make folders on the new HD listing favorite and then reprogram my scripts to use that source instead. 

 I did restart and it was still listed as offline although it was mounted on the desktop. I used this script yesterday with success. 

Ive had this happen before but only when reformatting i believe. 

Q: What are the criteria for Ret to list a source drive as ''offline''. Meaning what things done to a drive make Ret see it as offline?

Q: is there any way to fix this?


Any thoughts helpful!!!

Thank you


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I don't know if this is the same issue but I've had a number of machines have the hard drive go offline when a Mac OS update is waiting to be installed. In the most recent example it was because there was a Big Sur update. Installing the updates and rebooting fixed it. I also noticed that favorites may not work when this happens but stopping Retrospect server using the system preference and starting it back up resolves it. 

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