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It is time to fix error -525

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Today on my MacBook the Retrospect Client icon appeared with an exclamation mark. The control panel informed my that the client was waiting for the Retrospect login.

Why? I don't know. The client had been installed ages ago and I haven't made any changes to it. It only had the client software upgraded to 18.2 via the automatic client update but that was a couple of days ago.

But now I'm facing that wonderful error -525 on the server. Retrospect says my MacBook is not the MacBook it used to be. So all I have to do is forget the client and add it back.

Easy, except for one thing: I have 20 favorites on this Mac. And they have each their own script to save data. Which means I have to add 20 favorites back and then modify 20 scripts again to get my backups up and running again. But what am I complaining? It only takes 1 hour to get it al how it was before the Retrospect client decided to do it's thing.

This behaviour should be fixed. Error -525 has given Retrospect users lots of unneeded issues.  And the whole point of using Retrospect is to be protected against loss of data. But having to lose (read: wipe) configuration data to get backups running again is a joke.




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Not an engineer and so this comment may be without value, however this reminds me of problems I've had with MacOS and even IOS, that make me suspect this might be an OS problem rather than something easily fixed by Retrospect.

There have been numerous times when other software also thinks my Mac has changed and is no longer the Mac it had saved data on.  The example that comes most readily to mind is web sites telling me I am logging in from a new device.  I am not.  It is the same the Macbook pro and yet I get this kind of complaint when I authenticate with sites several times per year.  I had loosely assumed that it has something to do with updates to the OS, that somehow change something that web sites use to uniquely identify the device... and I haven't worried much about it because unlike your situation, there isn't really any hassle involved.

Maybe someone from Retrospect will chime in and confirm or deny my observation has anything to do with it.


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