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Retrospect 18 cannot rebuild catalog TCipher is Invalid


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(Disclaimer: Anything I may say about the intentions of Retrospect "Inc." in this or any other post is merely the result of "reading the tea leaves", the "tea leaves" being documentation and public announcements supplemented by an occasional morsel from Retrospect Sales.  I have never been paid a cent by Retrospect "Inc." or its predecessors, and I pay for my upgrades. Any judgements expressed are—obviously—mine alone. The same is true of Retrospect's history, especially with references to here.  Any apparent aspersions I cast are meant to apply to the widest applicable group of Retrospect "Inc." employees, not to an individual employee.)


First, this sub-Forum hasn't been regularly read by anybody from Retrospect Technical Support for the past 2 years or so.  The post by the head of RTS here in another thread is a rare exception (I think he scans posts that use his name).  So you'll have to submit a Support Case; here's how to do that.

Second, I'm wondering whether the error message you received is the same as the one twickland reported receiving in the next-to-last paragraph of this OP in another threadHe didn't say what that error message was, and in this later post in the same thread said 


Since the storage group disk media set was failing only with new backups, I decided simply to use it only for restores going forward and to create a new regular disk media set for new backups.

and thus never filed a Support Case for the problem.  Maybe there's a bug in Retrospect Mac 18 for password Rebuild even of stand-alone Media Sets.

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