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User mail container data and Full Disk Access

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When you last posted to this forum in 2018, you were using Retrospect Mac 10.5.  Is that still true?  If so, and you are now running it under macOS 10.14 Mojave—which is what the Knowledge Base article you reference is about, I think you'll have to upgrade to Retrospect Mac 18.  Lennart_T gave sledder the same bad news about Retrospect Windows 10.5 (which came two major releases after Retrospect Mac 10.5) running under the latest version of Windows 10 in this post in another thread.  The second table in this new Sales article—linked to from this new Knowledge Base article—will tell you which Edition you need and how much it will cost.

BTW, notice those underlined phrases in the first paragraph of this post that cause the mouse pointer to change to a pointing hand when you pass it over them?  If you click on any of them, your Web browser will be redirected to the post or article it points to.  When posting on the Retrospect Forums, you can create one of these links by clicking the leftmost icon in the second-from-left section of the posting toolbar, and then pasting a URL such as https://www.retrospect.com/kb/macos_full_disk_access (note that I deleted the extra two 's'es that you inserted at the URL's end) into the topmost field in the dialog.  You can then  type whatever text you want to show for this "link" into the second field in the dialog, and click the "Insert into post" button at the bottom of the dialog.  The leftmost icon in the second-from-left section of the posting toolbar shows "Link" when you pass the mouse pointer over it.

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This Knowledge Base article says you need to upgrade to Retrospect Mac 16.5—I've upgraded to 16.6 because of its bug fixes.  This other KB article says what you need to do for "Full Disk Access" in Catalina; the URL—with the two extra 's's at the end—in your OP is the corresponding KB article for Mojave.

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