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Migrating Content to new Server

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I am migrating a 16TB  Datastructure to e new Server.

The Old and new Storage is saved via an script with an Retrospect Client connected to the Retro Server.

How could i tell retrospect to "adopt" the new storage location, so it does not backup all the existing data agin, but only the from now on changing Data - as it would if i did not change the data location?

Thanks for your Help!

Ich migriere eine 16 TB Datenstruktur auf einen neuen Server. 
Wie kann ich Retrospekt so einstellen, das er das Vorhandene, per Script täglich aktualisierte Backup des alten
Datenservers mit den Daten des neuen Servers fortschreibt?

Danke für eure Hile!

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We have two problems: I don't speak German, and you don't seem to understand Retrospect very well—perhaps because you inherited it from another employee who left your organization.  You also didn't say what version and Edition of Retrospect you are using, but I'll assume it's a reasonably-recent Server Edition (which means one of your machines is running the Windows Server or Mac Server OS) of Retrospect Windows.  I'll therefore refer to pages in the English version of the Retrospect Windows 16 User's Guide, leaving it up to you to use the Contents versus Inhalt to find the equivalent pages in the German version—the Retrospect®16.0 Windows Benutzerhandbuch. (Note that, because the un-numbered title page and copyright pages on the .PDF are treated as pages 1 and 2, you'll have to type into your Web browser a page number 2 digits greater than one I've listed below—i.e. 280 to reach page 278.)

Nevertheless I'll further assume your "16TB Datastructure" contains the same files as before the migration, except they're on one or more Source drives on a different Server "client" machine.  Because of Retrospect's Deduplication feature—using the Catalog of your existing Backup Set, all you have to do is:

  • Install the proper Retrospect Client software on the new "client" machine per page 278 by following a link from this German-language Archive.
  • Change the Source on your daily Backup script (I think I can read that much German) from the old to the new "client" machine per page 392.
  • Ensure per page 351 and pages 360–361 that—for your daily Backup script— Match source volumes to Catalog File and Don’t add duplicates to Backup Set are check-marked and that Match only files in same location is not check-marked (meaning that unchanged files won't be re-backed-up just because they're now on a different "client" machine).
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