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Scheduled tasks not launching


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Just for information to others who may have experienced this same issue.

Since Jan 21 2021 my scheduled tasks ... Duplication and Backup on Windows 10 1909 failed to launch. No errors recorded Retrospect simply failed to auto launch to perform my scheduled Backup and Duplication jobs which it had been doing successfully for years. The only thing I can suggest is that a Windows security update on Jan 21st somehow interfered with the auto launch of Retrospect on my PC.


The Retrospect services Retrospect helper and Retrospect Launcher were both set normally to Automatic and running normally. No errors were reported on these services at all, yet the auto-launch simply failed to happen each day. (I experimented by manually restarting these services but the issue remained.)

Running Retrospect interactively resulted in the scheduled tasks running as soon as Retrospect was open.

This is for my older version of Retrospect :

I suspect that Security intelligence updates for Microsoft Defender Antivirus and other Microsoft antimalware KB2267602 Version 1.329.2549.0 was the cause. That's the only thing that happened to my system on the last day that my jobs fired successfully.


However, following the installation of the optional update to Windows January 21, 2021—KB4598298 (OS Build 18363.1350) Preview ... which I installed yesterday ...  my scheduled Retrospect tasks are now firing up as normal again.


Food for thought.

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