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media group bug


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If by "media groups" you mean Storage Groups, I strongly recommend that you not use them unless you absolutely have to.  The basic reason why is stated in the first sentence of the second large paragraph of this post in another thread.  My guess as to what happened is that one of the component Media Sets of your Storage Groups exceeded its individual assigned space on the single "volume" (in quotes because you're also using a cloud Storage Group) assigned to the Storage Group as a whole.  You could try adding a second "volume" member for the Storage Group as a whole, but I don't know if that'll work even for a disk Storage Group—not to mention a cloud Storage Group.  Alternatively you could Copy Backup from each component Media Set in the Storage Group to a free-standing Media Set, by using a component-designating Rule, and then Recycle the Storage Group; however IMHO that's just as much effort as backing up to free-standing Media Sets in the first place—unless you need the simultaneous backup provided by a Storage Group that you could instead get using multiple scripts with individual destinations running in different Activity Threads.

As the remainder of that second large paragraph linked to in this post's second sentence says, AFAIK the Retrospect engineers have been diverted by StorCentric from enhancing the half-baked Retrospect Mac Storage Group GUI—so I don't think they'll be able to give you the capability to change the storage used by a Storage Group component Media Set this year.  However here's why and how to submit a Support Case for an enhancement.  BTW, as the second paragraph in the post linked to in my preceding sentence implies, Retrospect "Inc." personnel are no longer looking at the "Retrospect bug reports" sub-forum—so submitting a Support Case is the only way you can encourage the engineers to fix that Retrospect Mac Storage Group limitation.


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Add sentence at end of first paragraph describing alternative. Enhance that sentence with alternate way of getting simultaneous backup
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