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Scheduling a one-time backup

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Here's a trivial idea:  sometimes I need to rerun a scheduled backup soon after Retrospect has been restarted.  I don't want to enter the password, because it is very long and very random, so I schedule a one-time backup to run right away.  It would be nice if it didn't take quite so many steps to do that.  For example, after clicking on "Add a New Scheduler," one is given three things that can be checked, "Day of Week," "Repeating Interval," and "Single Date" and then buttons for "OK" and "Cancel."  Instead of that, how about having these buttons:

  • Day of Week
  • Repeating Interval
  • Single Date
  • Cancel

Thus an unnecessary step is eliminated.

It would also be nice to have one more button, "Now," to schedule an immediate backup, so it wouldn't be necessary to adjust the starting time.

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Sorry about the delay in replying.  I haven't been here in quite a while.  Run documents work well for this purpose, but it's necessary to set one up for each different backup.  I did that and put shortcuts in my Start menu for them.

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