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multiple backup scripts result in "out of sync" error

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I have 5 different backup scripts that run on a schedule. Two of them always complete fine but 3 of them result in:

!Catalog File out of sync with Backup Set


I've gone to Media Sets and repaired the indicated ones but that doesn't seem to fix the problem. Any ideas about what could be happening?



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Welcome back to the Forums; it's been about 10 years.  Presumably you are no longer using Retrospect Mac 8; would it be too much trouble for you to post your version of Retrospect, plus the OS and hardware of the machine(s) you are backing up?  You may have a hardware problem; try Disk Utility on the Source drive whose backups results in the error.

The very-knowledgeable Lennart_T suggested in this 2017 post doing a Rebuild of a Media Set catalog instead of a Repair of it.  The last two paragraphs of this 2017 post by me describe an even-more-time-consuming method of dealing with catalog problems.  Both methods require having all the Members of the Media Set available, so you might consider doing a Recycle backup of all your Source disks if those past Members are not available.

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The instructions for doing a Rebuild of a Media Set are on pages 192-193 of the Retrospect Mac 17 User's Guide; I hope they're what you're following.

Presumably you're talking about step 2 in the instructions, where "Retrospect displays a dialog asking you what type of Media Set you would like to rebuild."  Forgive me for saying this, but you seem not to be aware of the development in Retrospect Mac starting with version 8.  Page 32 of the UG says


File Media Sets combine the Catalog file and the backed-up data into a single file stored on a volume. They can be saved anywhere a Disk Media Set can be saved, but they are limited by the size of the volume on which it is stored, and also the maximum file size of the file system  (FAT32, NTFS, HFS+, etc.). Backups in a File Media Set cannot span across media. File Media Sets are useful for small jobs where everything (the Catalog and the backed up data) is self-contained in a single file, but in most cases, you should use Disk Media Sets

The File Media Set was superseded by the Disk Media Set (UG page 262) in Retrospect Mac 8, and is considered obsolete because of its limitations—although last fall it turned out that there was an administrator who was still stuck with using File Media Sets (which Retrospect Mac still supports).  If you're still using File Media Sets on your Drobo, may the Lord have mercy upon you.🙄  If so, I'd phone Retrospect Tech Support and get guidance on how to convert your File Media Sets to Disk Media Sets—or on how to rebuild a Catalog File for a File Media Set.

If you are already using a Disk Media Set, select "Disk" and continue with the instructions beginning with step 3.

BTW, you still haven't supplied a description of what machine(s) and drives you're backing up as Sources.

Also, although maybe I shouldn't say this because the manufacturer of Drobo (StorCentric) now owns Retrospect "Inc.", possibly—based on a 2010 thread about "Catalog File out of sync with Backup Set" that eventually found a cure with a Retrospect Driver Update for a tape drive—there's a problem with your Drobo device.  Is it new, and did you also just upgrade to Retrospect Mac 17—in which case you're entitled to 30 days of free personalized Tech Support (see my third paragraph in this post) even if you didn't sign up for Annual Support & Maintenance?

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