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Does upgrade license work for older versions

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If I buy the upgrade license to Retrospect 17, will that work on 16?

Currently on Retrospect 15.6. Getting ready to upgrade my first Macintosh to Catalina. Given the reports I've seen about 17.0, I think I would rather run the latest of 16.6 but want to make sure the 17 license will work for 16.6.

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I don't believe it will, but you may be able to negotiate a license code for 16 along with your license for 17.  Talk to Sales.

If you wait another week or so, I heard on a 3 April Remote Backup Training webinar there will be a new release of 17.

P.S.: From other administrators' posts I've read, I don't think version 17.0 is so bad (I'm still on 16.6)—except that it seems to have been a "quickie" release done a week earlier than the normal schedule for x.0 releases.  As such the engineers apparently left some debugging code in, and also one apparent error in a new bug fix. I don't expect additional new features (as opposed to bug and kludge fixes) directly for Retrospect Mac 17.x, because IMHO the StorCentric-dictated emphasis will be on a Retrospect-Mac-look-alike GUI for all variants of Retrospect—to accompany a  variant of the "backup server" whose Engine will run on Linux-based NASes (initially Drobo and Nexsan) with a Web-served GUI.  My expectation is based on the Retrospect Console Preview released in 16.6, statements by StorCentric bigwigs, and a smidgen of insider confirmation about development of the Drobo "backup server".

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P.S.: Release 17.0 isn't so bad, and I expect the emphasis in 17.x will be on variants other than Retrospect Mac
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David, thanks. OTOH, with further searching, I found in https://www.retrospect.com/en/support/licensing#general 

"The License Manager will only accept:

  • License codes for an edition of Retrospect that is an upgrade from your current edition"

which to me says that it will accept a license from a later version. I might go ahead and try since I think I could then, if needed, run it in Demo mode for 30 days.


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