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Add To Favourite Folders - not working

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See this 5 March thread in the "Retrospect 9 or higher for Macintosh" forum.  The post by me offers a possible explanation : a bug fix in the "quickie" 17.0 release. The 25 March post by the OP amkassir says what Retrospect Tech Support told him to do.  If you do what it says, IME you'll probably have to redo all your Sources and Scripts.  We were told in a webinar on 3 April there's a 17.x bug-fix release due out "in a couple of weeks", no doubt needing the redo.

BTW  your OP seems to have nothing to do with "Windows Products-Retrospect Server, SBS and Multi Server."  You should have created a thread in the "Retrospect 9 or higher for Macintosh" forum, where you probably would have gotten—or found—a quicker answer to your Mac-related problem.

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The Forum heading

Server, SBS and Multi Server

For general discussions of Retrospect Server, Small Business Server and Multi Server. Also use this topic to discuss the add-on products: Open File Backup, Disaster Recovery and Proactive Backup. All Versions


Is far more apt English than broadly Retrospect 9, to be precise.


But I will go and look at your link, thank you.

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All the Forums within "Windows Products-Retrospect" have to do with capabilities that are peculiar to the current or ancient versions of Retrospect Windows, except "Server, SBS and Multi Server".  (Because of the recent advances in NASes and consequent simplification of macOS Server, AFAIK there is now no reason to purchase a Server Edition of Retrospect Mac—which IMHO explains why the cumulative Release Notes for Retrospect Mac 15.1 included a yellow-background Note "Linux Client: In a future update, Linux clients running on server-level Linux distributions will be treated as server clients" that Retrospect Inc. intended to charge for.)  Of the three Add-On products listed in your post directly above, Open File Backup and Disaster Recovery (meaning the special facility in Retrospect Windows) also are capabilities needed only by Windows installations.  Although Proactive Backup is a standard capability—not an Add-On—also of Retrospect Mac, my impression is that most installations using it—at least prior to COVID-19 Work From Home—are businesses (and therefore predominantly Windows-oriented) using Proactive Backup for the "client" machines of salespeople and on-site technicians who come into the business' central office intermittently.  Maybe that's why it was decided to steer Proactive Backup topics away from the "Professional" Forum.

In any case, you eventually solved—if you did in fact solve—your problem by macOS-required means that have been discussed in a number of threads in "Retrospect 9 or higher for Macintosh".  These had nothing to do with what Server Edition of Retrospect Mac you are running.

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