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Retroclient on Synology


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We would like to install a retroclient on a Synology RS815RP+ NAS  running DSM 6.1.3-15152.


We know that Retrospect Clients are not officially supported on Synology or Qnap, but we have a client already working well on another RS815RP+,  installed by our previous linux specialist.  

Our current specialist wrote:

"I haven't been able to find any documentation regarding installing RCL on a synology device. I'm hesitant to try on a production device as synology's "linux" is their own special distribution. Retrospect I think recommends installing the RCL on a windows or linux machine (as normal), and mounting the NAS device on your RCL target, and just backing up the mounted directory"


Has anyone else done a client install and are there any special considerations that must be made?


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Disclaimer: I'm a Retrospect Mac administrator of a home installation that doesn't include any NAS, much less a Synology.  But I'm reasonably good at searching the Retrospect Forums.

Starting with this post, here's a 2014 thread in which someone managed to install a Linux Client on a Synology, rather than simply mounting as a NAS share.  I'm not sure if it provides enough detail in the longer posts with script listings.

Here's an alternate—and perhaps unpalatable-to-management—suggestion: Why not pay your previous Linux specialist to provide instructions on how to do this?  Another possibility is to contact Retrospect Tech Support and ask them how to do this, even if you don't have ASM and have to pay a one-time fee.

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