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Can't create Sub Volumes in which to restore a file


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I have just discovered that I can't restore a file to a new location. I select a volume that is already in existence called Onedrive. Then I select "Add Folders" I then get a list of folders that don't appear to actually exist and I cannot see my actual folders. This is not the case if I choose "Configure Volumes" Here I can see all of my folders and files but I'm unable to create a sub volume here. This occurred under R15. I have now upgraded to R16 but I still have the problem. 

Is this because it is a Onedrive folder? In my case I configure my Onedrive folder to all be present on my Hard Drive.

I'm pretty sure that my backup is OK but I was just wanting to do a restore of a single file.

Please help because this is making Retrospect unusable for me.

I'm using Windows 10 nd R16



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Thanks David,

After spending some time messing around I have the following behaviour from Retrospect 16 with Windows 10 Pro 1903

I have all of my Onedrive files saved on my PC on a D:\ drive


1. I can backup my Onedrive folders to a USB HDD (Seagate)

2. I cannot use Retrospect to create Sub-Volumes inside my Onedrive folder (where my life is stored i.e in D:\Onedrive)

3. I can use Retrospect to create Sub-Volumes outside my Onedrive folder (i.e. in D:\Myfolder)

4. I can restore files from my Retrospect Seagate backup set to the newly created Sub-Folder outside of my Onedrive folder


This is all a bit scary but I am wondering if Retrospect has deliberately defeated the possibility of writing to a Onedrive folder because it would then be possible overwrite a good Onedrive folder with a blank backup set which would then be picked up by Onedrive and erased online too. This would be catastrophic. See this post in a recent thread. This might happen if you use a laptop as well as a PC as I do. My laptop has limited disk space and so I make use of File on Demand. This means that only a few useful files are local and the rest of my filing system is online. A backup of THAT Onedrive folder would only be a partial set and if restored to its original location it would be picked up by Onedrive and all non local files would disappear from Onedrive in the Microsoft cloud as well as on my PC. Have I got this right?

If I have got this right then we need to be EXTRA CAREFUL with Retrospect Restores into original Onedrive folders

If any Retrospect Personnel are reading this, could you please confirm my suspicions.


Actually, I have just found this in the Retrospect Manual:

"Windows Customers: If you are using OneDrive and would like to perform a bare metal
recovery (BMR) on a Windows April 2018 Update system, you need to uncheck the option for "Files
On-Demand" during backup. Otherwise, the restore will put a blank folder for your OneDrive data,
and that empty folder will be synced to the cloud, erasing any cloud files you may have."


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No Retrospect "Inc." personnel read these Forums any longer.  Here's why and how to file a Support Case for an enhancement.

P.S.: What meld51 found is on page 580 of the Retrospect Windows 16 User's Guide.  It is a 2018 Release Note for the 15.1.2 Engine.

Edited by DavidHertzberg
P.S.: U.G. location of Release Note meld51 found
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