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macOS Catalina

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I've developed a profoundly corrupted installation of Mojave. Despite multiple clean installs and restorations using Time Machine and a bootable backup made using ChronoSync, the OS becomes messed up each time. I have had ongoing issues with Retrospect breaking (lonnnng story; I think the tech support people know me by my voice on the phone!), so if I even have a full backup of my internal 1TB SSD that's useable, it's at least a month outdated. My issues are even baffling Apple Support. (BTW, hardware is fine; we've checked.)


Which leads me to my questions: what's going on with Retrospect and macOS Catalina? Does anyone know if a compatible version of Retrospect is under development? If so, is there a beta available to play around with? I've tried the initial public betas of Catalina and they were a hot mess. Now, though, with many subsequent betas released and the GM version near at hand, and my Mojave system still problematic,  I'm tempted to install Catalina. But I still want a working version of Retrospect.


Rumors, speculation, confirmation, anyone?

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