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unistall engine

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Seems a trivial question, but I installed the Retrospect Engine for error on a client machine, how do I safely uninstall the Retrospect Engine ?

Naively I tried to delete the Retrospect app in the Application folder, but I keep on seeing the Retrospect Engine icon in the Preference panel.

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Thanks Lennart.

Citing your reference:

  1. Open the Retrospect application folder and double-click the Uninstall Retrospect icon to run the uninstaller.

One doubt: I do not have a "Retrospect application folder". In the Applications folder I can see just the Retrospect app, therefore where do I look for the Uninstall Retrospect icon ? 

Am I missing something ??

Schermata 2019-09-09 alle 18.52.25.png

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On 9/9/2019 at 1:16 PM, Lennart_T said:

Neither can I, when I look in my own folder. It seems as Retrospect needs to update its user guide.


I am shocked that you of all people would say such a thing (see the second and third paragraphs) about the UG.;)

Since I'm sure you're just as tired as I am of dealing with the lack of UG updating, I suggest you write (which I've done) to Rod Harrison—the Chief Technology Officer of Drobo who probably now has some influence at Retrospect "Inc".  If you want to impress him with a Swedish-stamped "snail-mail":


    Attn.: Mr. Rod Harrison, CTO

1289 Anvilwood Ave.

Sunnyvale, CA 94089


However, if you are willing to enroll in LinkedIn—which I am not because of delete-finger tiredness—you should be able to get an e-mail address for Harrison there.

P.S.: What Lennart_T and I said about the User's Guide not being updated is still valid; Nigel Smith's post below goes beyond what the UG says.

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Open Retrospect Console, select "Preferences..." from the "Retrospect" menu, click the "Console" icon at the far-right, click "Export server installer and uninstaller...", save them where you want.

Haven't actually *tried* the uninstaller myself, but see how you get on. Even if you've already manually uninstalled I suggest you give it a go in case it clears up cruft from your launchd files, logs, etc.

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