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Retrospect version 16 and Box/Dropbox Smart Sync Questions


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Has anyone observed the behavior of Retrospect 16 and the new feature on Dropbox called "Smart Sync" or on Box for Windows and Mac machines?

The Box drive (box.com) has a folder with all of the content in the cloud.  Dropbox has a new feature (like box) to have all your content in the cloud instead of on your hard drive.

My question is, how does Retrospect 16 deal with these cloud based storage products on Windows and Macs?

Has anyone had experience with these "cloud based" vendor products and how Retrospect deals with the "cloud" files?

My only concern is that I don't want Retrospect pulling down the entire file during each backup.  Anyone with experience with this?

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I don't have exactly the same experience... however, I do have a caution to share:

Microsoft OneDrive has a similar feature. Last I checked, it's not exactly compatible with ANY backup software, in the following sense:

  • Backups work fine
  • However, when you go to restore, it restores the EMPTY local folder(s)
  • Which causes the cloud copies to get cleared out
  • Which means you lose all of your cloud files

Unfortunately, I can't place the details on this with a quick google search ...

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Thanks for your reply MrPete!   The Microsoft OneDrive behavior sounds scary. I don't really use OneDrive a lot so I've been staying away from saving anything there.

I decided that I would turn off "online-only" mode for the Dropbox folder on one of my machines and would backup that machine's copy of the Dropbox files. On all the other backed up machines, I switched Dropbox into "online-only" mode and then removed the Dropbox folder from that machine's backup.  That way I get the ability to have a backup of Dropbox and still have some hard drive space savings on the machines that don't have a lot of hard drive space.

I don't use box at home, but my workplace uses box a lot, so I'm gonna leave it up to them to figure out their backup plan for box.  I've used Dropbox for a long time (I think since it first came out), so I'm pretty comfortable with my decisions for backing up Dropbox.

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