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Does Retrospect for iOS have Pause/Unpause/Stop support ?

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Retrospect 16.1 for Mac and Windows has "New Retrospect Management Console: Pause/Unpause/Stop support", per this post in another Forum.  Is that a truly new capability for a Web-connected Retrospect monitoring application (as opposed to the LAN-only Retrospect Mac Console), or is it already in Retrospect for iOS?

If the capability is already in Retrospect for iOS, please post on what precisely the capability is.

P.S.: I just found this blog site, with posts claiming to have developed Retrospect for iOS up through version 2.  So Brian Dunagan, if you're not too busy being COO of Retrospect Inc., maybe you could obtain from one of your subordinates an answer to the above question.:)



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P.S. saying Brian Dunagan should post an answer

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