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Config faulty - start from scratch

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I have been working through problem with Retrospect support, and final diagnostic is that my config is faulty, and I have to start from scratch.

Anybody ever had to do this ?

Not a fun thing - I have 175 TB in my storage map

- 36 scripts, 44 sources, 41 Mediasets (backups is multiple NAS, and LTO tapedrive)

I think the steps will be:

- reinstall

- add clients and sources

- stuck on next bit ( how to re-use existing data on D2D, and D2Tape)

Any advise ?

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The actual data in your media sets and the media set catalogs will be unaffected by creating a new configuration file. You will need to point Retrospect to the locations where the media set catalogs are located, but if the catalogs themselves and the data on the disks and tapes are not corrupt, you should be fine here. The hassle will be to manually recreate all your scripts and schedules, any custom rules you may have had, and your source lists, especially if they contain favorite folders.


Many of us have begged for years to have Retrospect split the various aspects of its configuration into separate files, or at least to enable users to export and reimport scripts, lists, etc., so that everything doesn't need to be manually re-entered when corruption occurs.


Good luck!

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Based on my recent experience, you won't have to go through all the steps that you think you will.:)  I think if you follow the steps I recommended for myhrik and Lennart_T in the second paragraph of this linked-to post by me, you will be able to get back a working version of Retrospect fairly easily.  You'll be able to keep using your existing Scripts and Media Sets and local Sources; you'll only need to re-Add your "client" Sources and put them back into your Scripts as the paragraph says.  For you the only additional requirement is that you first be sure you have upgraded to Retrospect  Mac 15.6.1 (105), which I think you may still need to do because your 29 November post says you were using 15.6.0 (125).  Just don't do anything to your configs.xml file; I originally did, and it caused me to spend several hours of extra effort for only 5 Scripts and 3 Media Sets.

The "smart" Report folders in my Console Dashboard sidebar are just fine, with the exception of Active Scripts and Inactive Scripts.  The sidebar says I have 4 active scripts, which is true, but the Active Scripts report folder shows 5 scripts—including one that is inactive.  The sidebar says I have 1 inactive script, which is true, but the Inactive Scripts report folder is empty.  After I looked inside the Inactive Scripts folder I couldn't select a script in either my Active Scripts folder or my Scripts sidebar category until I quit and restarted the Retrospect.app Console, so I suggest you don't look inside Inactive Scripts.

The second paragraph of this earlier post by me explains what IMHO is going on with the engineers at Retrospect Inc..  Because I moved config80.dat to the Mac desktop and let my copy of regenerate it, I don't have a problem with an empty Dashboard.  However, even though the pair of 15.6.1 releases fixed a number of "bad release" bugs that the engineers created in 15.5 and 15.6.0—especially for Retrospect Windows, it looks like there are several still-existing bugs for those users of Retrospect Mac 15.6.1 (105) who didn't regenerate their config80.dat files as I happened to.  I'll file a formal Support Case for my problems with looking inside the Inactive Scripts and Active Scripts report folders; here's why and how you should file one for your missing Sidebar reports folders.

Good luck!

P.S.: A word of warning: If you worked through your problem with Retrospect's European Support, don't take that as the most authoritative word.  From the comments of one administrator a year ago, it seems that the European Support person is a contractor who is not that familiar with Retrospect.  The same administrator said that the contractor's first language seems not to be English (maybe it's German; lucky you! :)).



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P.S.: A word of warning to not take European Support's word as the most authoritative
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