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3 hard drives shown as sources on client after Mojave upgrade

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iMac OS X 10.12.6 (Sierra) server

Macbook OS X 10.4.2 (Mojave) client

Retrospect 15.6.1 (105) on server and client

After upgrading client (Macbook) to Mojave, the server thinks that there are three identical size Macintosh HDs in the client (there's only one, not counting the Recovery Disk). It backs up all three. One is called "Macintosh HD@snap-139086 on [wife's] MacBook".

Should I just delete all the sources on the server and re-add the one Macintosh HD?


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In Sources, select the "client" machine and click on the Options tab.  Under Volumes on the dialog there's a dropdown labeled "Back Up:".  Set that to Selected Sources, and check-mark the Macintosh HD you think you want to back up.  Alternatively, set the dropdown to Startup Volume.  Look in the Console at a Backup script while it's running to see if you're backing up the correct Macintosh HD.

I encountered the same problem when I started to backup my MacBook Pro running macOS 10.12.6 Sierra using Retrospect Mac 14.6.0.  Adding the MBP as a "client" defaulted to All Volumes in the dropdown, and one of the two volumes is a garbage-named volume which the Engine can't find.  I submitted a Support Case about this, but Retrospect Tech Support replied that the garbage-named volume is Apple's fault.

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Thanks very much for your reply, David. I understand your suggestion and will try it.

1. I'm just wondering why there are (as of today) four Macintosh HD volumes (plus one Recovery HD) listed as sources for my wife's Macbook. I assume all are identical since they're the same size.

2. Backing up all four volumes is also taking a lot of space on the backup hard drive (I guess -- it's starting to get full). I assume that the only way to recover that space is to erase the backup volume and create a new script.

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Late to the party, but...

Retrospect is seeing (or Apple is presenting to Retrospect... Let the respective Support teams argue that one out!) Time Machine's local snapshots of the MacBook's APFS-formated drive as well as the actual, working, volume and the Recovery volume.

As David says, set the client to only back up the startup volume (single volume machines) or a manually selected list of volumes (for e.g. partitioned or multiple drives).

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Thanks for your reply, Nigel. We have never used Time Machine. (I find Retrospect backups along with a clone on a separate partition to be a better solution for us.) I finally just went into Sources and Removed the duplicate volumes (and that made me nervous!). To this day I don't understand why Retrospect thought that there were three identical Macintosh HD volumes on my wife's laptop.

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