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In Retro 15.6, Client with new install of Mojave, fails if Privacy isn't set.. Other Client issues.

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If you don't set the System Preferences>Security & Privacy>Full Disk Access as described on the appropriate web page before the first Retro Client (iMac running Mojave), on a backup, the following occurs to a (formerly working) backup script that tries to run:

  1. The Retro Backup of that client fails with errors. (expected). Client version is 15.6.0 (125). 
  2. You get email notifications (several) of the errors (-550 network connection, incomplete, general error of no data received, "No Full Disk Access" during scanning- 54 of them on one report and thereafter times out @301 seconds. (Unexpected... REALLY!)
  3. Thereafter, having discovered the error (duh!) and fixed it, the backup will not begin when initiated because the Client hasn't reset itself and remains in the mode, "Preparing for Backup..." Two error failure condition emails, 2x (Error -505 Client Reserved) emails, I realized this. (Expected since I tried it twice)
  4. You can work around this condition by turning off the client manually and then on again. Whereupon the client is once again "Ready for Backup". 
  5. Then you can initiate the script. 
  6. After Scanning process, Client sleeps and a (-519 Network Communication) error results. This setting works for other clients (MBP). So this would be unexpected. 

May I respectfully suggest that the Client reset itself when these setting have been detected and in some other way simplify the notifications to avoid the above as issues if you don't get to the settings updates required by Mojave security before a backup starts. Maybe provide a way to reduce the multiple error warning emails and set up the client so it functions during sleeping the display in Mojave??

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 07.22.43.png

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 07.26.42.png

Screen Sharing Picture October 31, 2018 at 07.33.53 EDT.png

Retro Error log_181031.rtfd.zip

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