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Retrospect Duplicate permissions problem

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We have a Windows 7 PC with Retrospect Desktop (used to be called Pro) 9.5.3.x  used for Backups but the user also wanted a copy of Documents, Pictures, etc. on an external drive but in normal windows format with no restore from Retrospect needed to access the files.

A 'Duplicate' was run and the resulting folder is on the destination disk but cannot be opened because it denies access with a 'you currently don't have permission' error. Trying to change the permissions shows 'everyone', 'system' and the user has 'allow' checked for all but special permissions. Clicking 'apply' after changing all users, system, etc to full control errors.

Quitting Restropect makes not difference as does rebooting.

Also, is Duplicate going to erase files on the destination that were not present on the source? It was thought that the Duplicate could be used to keep copies of the Camera SD cards, Phone pics, etc without having to copy the entire cards each time, only new or changed but if it deletes files that are no longer on the source from the destination than may the user needs something like Iperius Backup instead?

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