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Retrospect fails to launch

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I had Retrospect Desktop 5 for the Mac up and running, until a couple nights ago when the drive I back up to became full. Snce then, when I launch the Retrospect application it flashes in the Dock and then disappears. Here are the things I've tried, none of which have worked:


* Deleted Retro.Config, com.dantz.retrospect.plist


* Upgraded to the very latest Retrospect version (5.0.205).


* Cleared room on the target disk.




Any suggestions?








Jeff Zacks

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The flash you see is Retrospect's authentication program running.




There could be a problem with permissions somewhere. Have you done anything else to your system at the same time? Installed any other programs? OS X 10.1.5 update perhaps?




I'd suggest trashing the Retrospect application bundle and reinstalling from your original source.





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Dear Dave,




Thanks, that helps. Actually, the authentication window eventually popped up, and now it seems to launch OK. I wonder if maybe the window was getting placed someplace buried or off-screen?




BTW, yes I did install the OS X update recently. You think that could be related?




In any case, everything appears fine now. Thanks.





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This resembles a problem that I have with Retrospect Server 5 on Mac OS X. Whenever the "clean drive" dialog appears, Retrospect quits. Any attempt to launch Retrospect will fail. I have to restart the entire machine, and then when I launch Retrospect it will launch properly and display the "clean tape" dialog. I have attempted to set Retrospect preferences to never display this dialog, but it still insists on displaying it. I have changed the number of hours of operation to a large number so I hope that it never appears again.

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