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Error -1101 after Windows October Update

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Another big Windows Update, another problem.

I run Retrospect 12.6 on my Windows 10 Pro home server. It makes backups of 4 client PCs, and also a backup of its own filesystem. After applying the Windows October Patch to the Server, the Server's own backup now reports the following errors. Interestingly, the client backups still run just fine.

        Writer "NPS VSS Writer" backup failed, error -1101 (file/directory not found).
        Component "NPS Database" backup failed, error -1101 (file/directory not found).

The Server backup is run as a Scheduled backup, while the client backups are proactive. Apart from the 2 errors however, the operations log seems to indicate that all files got backed up.


Any an idea how to fix this, or can these errors be safely ignored (though I don't like seeing daily Errors in my History).

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Yes, I know about that, but don't think it's the case in my problem.
In fact, should first have searched on the site here. This problem has occurred for others in the past. E.g. here : 


So I did the ias.xml thing and rebooted the server, and this also for me seems to have fixed the problem.



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For whatever reason the Windows 10 'Feature' Updates randomly removes the ias.xml file. Keep the fix handy so you are ready for when it happens again with a future 'Feature' Update.

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