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Selectors does not work when backup from SMB

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In Retrospect on Windows 10 1803 I tried to use a selector to exclude files/folders from backup. The source is an SMB network volume. The selector excludes all files, folders and paths starting with B (as a test) for windows, osx and linux. But in the backupset snapshot listing tree all B* files are available.

Is Retrospect not able to exclude files from SMB network volume sources? Does it work only locally and from retrospect clients?




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Firstly I suggest using the Tick Button to check your Selector against a particular source, it will show what gets included and excluded.

Secondly remember that when Retrospect takes a backup, it takes a Snapshot of the ENTIRE Target, to record it's state at that time. Thus the snapshot will show ALL the files on the target.

The Session will show ONLY the files that were backed up during that particular session.

This difference between a snapshot and a session catches many people out, the snapshot is a necessary part of Retrospect's Progressive Backup technique in order to be able to restore a target to the state it was in at the time of any backup. Having a comprehensive understanding of the Progressive backup process is fundamental to using Retrospect effectively.

Progressive Backup & Snapshots

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