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Many software companies use "Watch Folders" in their software to see if any new or updated files appear in the nominated watch folder.  If a file appears in a watch folder then a specific set of instructions is triggered.  I am thinking this could be a useful tool for Retrospect to use to back up files as and when they appear or at specific times.  This may also help increase the lifespan of the  mechanics of an autoloader grinding away night after night when it doesn't have to.

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How about creating one or more folders containing NTFS symbolic links to the files you want to "watch"?  Then designate each one of these "Watch Folders" as a Retrospect Subvolume, as described on pages 495-497 of the Retrospect Windows 8 User's Guide.  This would allow you to write scripts to Backup these specific Subvolumes.

Note that I know nothing about modern Windows.

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Shade Tek,

An alternate suggestion would be to create another custom Selector (in addition to this exclusionary one) to include those  files and/or folders you want "watched", and then specify that Selector in every Backup script you create.  Selectors are described on pages 508-529 of the Retrospect Windows 8 User's Guide, which is the next complete UG after 7.7—which you say you are using.

Your Retrospect administrator would have to be notified to update this "watch list" custom Selector, but that's probably what your installation would want.

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