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Retrospect Mac 15.0 - 15.1.latest

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So what else is new by you, redleader?  Please forgive my cynicism, but I was noticing discrepancies between the Dashboard (or Summary as you call it) and the results of Activities as early as 2.5 years ago—6 months after I started using Retrospect 12 after not having a "backup" server" machine for 5 years.  This reply by twickland in my thread shows that other administrator users were seeing worse discrepancies than I was.  I've since been pretty much ignoring anything I see in the Dashboard except for running Activities.

At that time we believed that, if we posted in the Bug Reports sub-forum of this forum, Retrospect Tech Support would take note of what we wrote.  That hasn't been the case for about 1.5 years, since the head of R.T.S. lost his phone-answering assistant.  In fact for the last 1.5 years I've  been quoting an e-mail from the exalted J.G.Heithcock saying that that Retrospect Inc. will pay no attention to any thing we write in these Forums, except to see if other administrator users agree in Product Suggestions sub-forums with proposals for enhancements that have been submitted as Support Cases.  And submitting a Support Case for this bug, as explained in the post I linked to at the beginning of the preceding sentence, is what you need to do.

Now might be a good time to get Retrospect Inc. to fix the communication errors between the Dashboard and the Engine.  As I explained to the antipodal Lindsay Robertson here, Retrospect Mac (and Windows) 15.1 is intended to be the start of a development effort that will convert the Dashboard into a Web Console for the benefit of our long-suffering Retrospect-Windows-using administrator peers.  If they haven't been able to get even one-way communications right on Retrospect Mac, how do they expect to get two-way communications right for Retrospect Windows 15.5 (or more likely 16.0; as a retired applications programmer, I reserve a double dose of cynicism for predicted release time-frames)?

P.S.: Lindsay Robertson was running a Server Edition of Retrospect Mac 15.0, and was complaining that the Dashboard panel was essentially blank in the remote Console but was visible in the Console running on the "backup server".  I predicted that the Dashboard would show up in the remote Console in Retrospect Mac 15.1.  Are you running a Server Edition of Retrospect Mac 15.1, and—if so—is the Dashboard fully visible in the remote Console? 

P.P.S.: BTW, because the Dashboard contains a couple of new panels and is being prepped for Web Console duties (possibly replacing the remote Console in Retrospect Mac as well as adding a much-needed new facility to Retrospect Windows), it's entirely conceivable that the Retrospect Inc. engineers have unintentionally made the one-way communication between the Engine and the Dashboard worse in Retrospect Mac 15.1.  I wouldn't know; I'm still running Retrospect Mac 14.6.

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Added P.S. and P.P.S., fixed spelling error in third prgf.
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Are they previous volumes (ie, something reformated, but then given the same names?)

I only see volumes in my "No Backups in 7 Days" for external drives connected to clients that I'm not backing up anything on, so maybe they were scanned at one point, but aren't there any more?  Or were attached to a different client?


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