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Display all tapes required at the beginging of a retrieval

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I don't know if this has been suggested before as I am also still running with Retrospect 7.7 and I don't know if this function is available in newer versions but I am looking to update shortly.  One very annoying trait of my set-up with a R7 for Windows with a Quantum SL3 (dual 8 tape magazines) is that when i go to retrieve a folder from an 8 tape backup say, it only gives me the tape that is required ONE at a time!  This is very annoying and time consuming as I have to go down 10 flights of stairs to get the next tape every time one is finished.  Also, if I had a list of all the tapes I needed in one go, I could fill a magazine then go and get on with something else instead of plugging tapes into a the SL3 for an hour.  A big time saver if it could be implemented!

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IMHO what ShadeTek wants is some version of what barup wanted in the OP of this thread

That would probably be because the tapes that are members of a particular Backup Set are not externally labeled as such in ShadeTek's installation.  If so, then he/she cannot do  "putting in all 8 tapes in one go".  There is a facility in Retrospect Mac that allows one to see all the members of a particular Backup Set (called a Media Set in Retrospect Mac), but I don't know if it works for tapes—which I haven't used since 2010—much less what the equivalent facility would be in Retrospect Windows.

If ShadeTek wants such an enhancement to Retrospect, here is why and how to submit a Support Case to request it.

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On 5/26/2018 at 12:23 AM, Lennart_T said:

What is stopping you from putting in all 8 tapes in one go? 

When I used Retrospect 7.7 and a tape loader, I could do just that and Retrospect would perform the restore unattended.

Because my loader takes 16 tapes and some of my jobs have a lot more than that.  I never have to totally retrieve everything from a backup set, only bits of it, hence the ability to select some of the tapes would be ideal. 

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