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Fix for timeout/hang on NAS devices

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I have been having problem backing up shares on Qnap and Synology workstations.


Retrospect hang with beach-ball icon, force quit on activity monitor doesn't help, whole system has to be rebooted ( a pain when working remotely)

In console log there will be continuous messages of "afpfs_DoReconnect" loops

Have got a updated version of Retrospect from support, which worked for one backupset, but with worrying log files.


In my case it was a assumption by retrospect that I run a Windows server with workgroups.

If NAS device is, with user admin | adminpassword,

connect to share as

user=\admin (local user),

and password = adminpassword

Since doing this have run backups succesfully, and log not full of "Not done after 30s", or "error -1011, API request"


Hope this helps someone, as it got really frustrating playing with retro.ini files.

My config :

Retrospect Server 15, running on Mac Pro Xeon, backing up to LTO6 via SAS

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