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Retrospect 6.1 and blu-ray

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I am trying to get Retrospect 6.1.230 to use 25GB Blu-ray discs on MacOS X 10.4.11 - Pioneer BDR-209M.

I realise that this is an ancient OS and version, but that's where we're at.

In an earlier post (2007) jweisbin indicated use of a similar setup.

Here is where I am up to now:

Retrospect didn't recognise the drive, but asked to insert my proposed media to test (so it could write a new .rdi, one supposes).

So I stuck in a BD-R (25GB), which it seemed to write to, eject and insert several time, before telling me that it now recognised CD-R!?

It then asked for other media, and I gave it a DVD+R. Same process, but this time it properly recognised the DVD+R type.

Continuing, I gave it another BD-R, which it rejected stating that it did not recognise the media.

Is there a way to configure Retrospect 6.1 to recognise BD-R - preferably including 2/3/4 layer discs too, if that is possible? Can I edit the existing .rdi file - I can see that it is a fairly simple XML file, but don't know the inputs to use. Or what is it that jweisbin is doing that I am missing?


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On pages 31-35 of  the Retrospect Mac 6 User's Guide, there are instructions for "RECORDABLE AND REWRITABLE DISC DRIVES". 

The Storage Device Compatibility lookup says there are no Pioneer Blu Ray devices that are currently compatible.  I don't know whether there were any in the past.

cbum made this post in October 2012.  The rest of that thread is worth reading.

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