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Retrospect 5 - tif files for retrieving

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hi there - sorry if this is in the wrong place, I couldn't find an area for Retrospect 5.

I'm having trouble searching and retrieving tiff or PSD files. When I search for a particular folder it only shows up the Indesign or Quark files in that folder and doesn't show tiffs, jpegs or PSD files.

BUT when i search for a particular tiff file name that's in the same folder - it shows it's there.

Can anyone help?

Thank you





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After a certain amount of playing around, I got Retrospect Mac 5.1 running on my ex-wife's old HDD and seeing my old tape drive attached to her old Digital Audio G4 tower (which she gave me for storage about 13 years ago after she moved to her own apartment).  I did a search on one of the Storage Sets, and found 4 files ending in .tiff.  However when I tried to Restore them, it turned out that no DAT/DDS tape I have with that Storage Set name matches the date that the Catalog File is expecting.

Before I recreate a Catalog File from one of those tapes, please describe step by step what you did.

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I use the Windows version of Retrospect so I may be missing something here...

In your screenshots above the dialog shows searching for "file name contains matt smith". To get the results you want, shouldn't you be searching for "folder name contains matt smith"?

When search by file name you will only see files in a folder that match the file name criteria. Files that don't match the criteria will not be shown.

When you search by folder name all folders that match the name criteria will be show and all the files in the matching folder. Folders that don't match the criteria will not be shown along with the files in them.

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