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Is Instant Scan working on High Sierra/APFS?

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Hey Everybody—

Have I missed something about APFS/High Sierra and Instant Scan? Or am I just having an isolated issue? I'm noticing it takes an hour to scan my 1 million+ files on my MBP, and that Instant Scan doesn't appear to be doing anything on my machine. Checking the Engine logs does not show the usual "Using Instant Scan..." entry for my machine. 

I can provide further observations and log info if need be, but first I just wanted to see if this was something already known/common. I'm using Retrospect v14.6 of server and client.



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Please verify that you have Instant Scan check-marked as Enabled in 3 places (these are explained on pages 211-215 of the Retrospect Mac 14 User's Guide, although rather confusingly):

The first place is in the Console.  Click on Sources—>your MBP—>Options.

The second place s on your MBP.  Click Apple Menu—>System Preferences, then hold down the Command key while you click Retrospect Client, and finally click on the Advanced tab.  If Instant Scan is not Enabled, you'll have to click on the lock icon and enter the MBP's password before you can Enable it.

The third place is in your Retrospect Engine, although it may only apply to using Instant Scan on locally-attached disks (which is a time-saving idea when you back those up—which I hope you occasionally do).  Click Apple Menu—>System Preferences, then click Retrospect.  If Instant Scan is not Enabled, you'll have to click on the lock icon and enter the "backup server" password before you can Enable it.

If Instant Scan is Enabled in all 3 places and it doesn't solve your problem, here's why and how to file a Support Request.  This Knowledge Base article about APFS, which was written right after the release of  Retrospect Mac 14.5, doesn't say anything about Instant Scan—either whether it works or it doesn't.  Neither do the latest entries in the cumulative Release Notes for Retrospect Mac 15.0 say anything about Instant Scan.

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On 7/14/2018 at 1:30 PM, insont said:

I just created a new thread about this. Retrospect told me Instant Scan isn't supported on APFS and seemingly won't be in the future either.

(I just noticed this thread after I did the other post.)

This over here is the new thread.  Since it contains much more current information, let's use it.

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