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Windows 10 "Fall update" Directory properties missing?

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Since the Feature Update to Windows the other week ...


I'm getting this error:


1/11/2017 10:20:36 AM: Creating folders
1/11/2017 10:22:33 AM: Finished creating 55,697 folders
1/11/2017 10:22:34 AM: Copying properties for 55,697 folders
File "C:\Users\Phil\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.Windows.Cortana_cw5n1h2txyewy\LocalState\": can't read security information, error -1101 (file/directory not found)
1/11/2017 10:27:09 AM: Finished copying properties for 55,697 folders and 0 files
1/11/2017 10:27:12 AM: Copying properties for 55,697 folders
Folder "C:\Users\Phil\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.Windows.Cortana_cw5n1h2txyewy\LocalState\": no security information, error -1 (unknown)
1/11/2017 10:32:11 AM: Finished copying properties for 55,697 folders
1/11/2017 10:32:15 AM: 28 execution errors
Completed: 7687 files, 8.0 GB
Performance: 382.9 MB/minute
Duration: 00:31:45 (00:10:30 idle/loading/preparing)



Anyone else?


Is there a way to fix this?




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I'm only running Windows 10 1709 in VMs at present. (I'm testing how many unwanted/unneeded/unusable "features" I can remove and still keep a working system.)

Is the log extract from a backup or a duplicate? The extract looks like it is from a duplicate.

Which version of Retrospect are you running?

Is this error from a backup/duplicate of the Backup Server or a Client? 

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Additional question.

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It is from a duplicate script on the server.


Retrospect version 10.5

I'm getting this same issue also on another Windows 10 PC running Retrospect version 12


Same folder on both machines.

Seems the Cortana update has created a weird folder that has some odd link between the folders:




in the parent folder: 



On further investigation, it had some odd user in the security settings, so I have removed that odd user id from the security properties and will see what happens on the next duplication run ...

Thanks for your interest.


I'll get back with any further updates ...

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The odd user id permissions came back again after I had cleared them, so I'm stuck with the same error.

I guess I will just have to put up with this error for now.

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I did a quick check on two machines running Windows 10 Pro 1709 and they both have an unknown user listed in the security permissions but on checking a machine running Windows 10 Pro 1703 this unknown user also exists there. However what I did notice was that the folder the permissions for the known users are inherited from has changed between 1703 and 1709. The unknown user does not inherit its permissions.

If I get time over the weekend I will try and do a more detailed comparison.

Are you using a Local Account or a Microsoft Account for your login? I don't think it should make any difference but...

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