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I am running a Backup Server on a Apple Macintosh G4 using Retrospect Workgroup (Version 6.0.204) software (Device access Version 1.0.106 and Driver Update Version 5.9.104) and have read Article #26506 that deals with compatiblity issues with APC's Powerchute software. I'm trying to make sure that I can shutdown my computer prior to the battery giving out. The backup power supply is the APC BR1500 and I have installed the Powerchute software.


Does anyone know the Applescript command that get's around the dialog window that asks you if you really want to quit? I can get the Retrospect to "quit application" and "stop execution" but I can't get Retrospect to actually "Really Quit".

Any ideas or suggesttions would be most helpful.


Have a nice Holiday.

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Wups! Thank you, Peter. I was unaware of the need for the script and would like to join in the request for a script.


Article 26506 said what's needed in such a script: "If a backup is taking place at the time of the power failure and APC tries to turn off the computer Retrospect may prevent shutdown. To avoid this problem
write an AppleScript that is triggered by PowerChute. The AppleScript would need to access the following Retrospect AppleScript dictionary item: stop execution.
This will stop the currently running backup and prevent "really stop execution" dialog boxes."


Peter's post indicates he's part way there in creating such a script but is jammed by Retro 6's failure to "really quit." I would very much appreciate seeing a whole script that I might copy and instructions on how to install it.




Respectfully, Norm

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Hello Felllow Viewers,

So here's some good news. Powerchute works! Like a Champ. There is no need for Applescript. I'm using the Workgroup version and I'm in a backup Server mode due to the number of Powerbooks we use. For those of you using an APC, Powerchute compatible backup supply here are some details to a safe shutdown:


Hardware is: 1) PowerMac G4, 2) Ext. Mercury 250GB Firewire hardrives 1) Monitor. 1) APC BR1500 Backup, battery supply using Powerchute 1.3.2 for Mac OS 10.3.


In the Powerchute preferences make sure that " Preserve battery Power...by shutting down my computer when it has been on battery power for at least...(Set to minimum less then two minutes.


In the Retrospect preferences make your "look ahead time" to 1 hour and "Turn Off' notification and turn off "Check Validity of Next Script".


Good Luck

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