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Backup file matching problem


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I have recently installed a new production server (NAS) to hold my >6TB of image files. The old sever is now to be used as the primary backup server. I used rsync to copy the files across so the modified dates / attributes have been retained but the creation dates have changed. Both run Retrospect clients (Linux 64 bit).


I also hold a Retrospect backup on another server (without a Retrospect client). This was backed up from the old server that is now designated a backup server. When I now backup up from the new production server Retrospect does not recognise that the vast majority of the files are the same, and proceeds to attempt to backup the entire >6TB! Is there a way around this? It will take >2 days to do a Recycle Backup.


I run Retrospect v10.5.0.110 on Windows 10 Pro PC. I run Retrospect as the logged in user with the Launcher Service run under a local admin account - I could not get it to start under a Domain admin account. The backup PC starts from a BIOS timer and shuts down again on completion. PCs / Laptops are fired up using WoL in the Scripts.

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There is some kind of file meta-data that makes Retrospect think the files are not the same.


I had the same problem some years back with a dual boot (Vista and 7) computer. The files on the (separate) data disk was seen as different files when booting in the other of the two OS:es. I never found a way around it.

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