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"backup client reserved" Mac v14.0


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I have one client out of many for which Retrospect 14.0 running on a Mac server (OS X 10.9.5 server) keeps giving "backup client reserved" message. the only fix is to uninstall the retrospect client and reinstall it, but I've done that repeatedly and the problem returns.


There is another backup client running - ChronoAgent, but I have that running on other similar machines which don't have this issue.


Is there a fix?

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The "backup client reserved" message has Retrospect error number -505.


I encountered error -505 last fall while backing up my MacBook Pro, and fixed it as described in this post.  The problem, as described in the next-to-last paragraph of the quote of my previous post at the top of that post, was that Adobe Flash Player Install Manager.app was repeatedly trying to update my MBP even though the latest version of Adobe Flash Player was already installed.  Deleting Adobe Flash Player Install Manager.app eliminated the -505 error, enabling my MBP to be backed up.


Just so you don't get confused by that post, the two tests referred to in the last sentence of my first paragraph below the quote were: [a] running my "Sun.-Fri. Backup"  script for the MBP after it had been put to sleep by the timer, and ["bee"] running the same script after I had awakened the MBP.  Test [a] continued to get a -519 error (which would be changed to a -530 error by the #6080 fix in Retrospect Mac 13—which I never installed) after I deleted Adobe Flash Player Install Manager.app.  That is because Wake-on-LAN doesn't work at all—as noted in this later post in the same thread—for my MBP client, and Retrospect Support's QA team has confirmed the same result.  Test ["bee"] ran OK after I deleted Adobe Flash Player Install Manager.app, which is what I want to draw attention to in this thread.
Getting back to jweisbin's -505 problem, my experience last fall indicates a -505 error may be caused by another piece of client software monopolizing the communications facilities that are used by the Retrospect Client.  In his/her case, I assume that Client software is running on a Windows machine—unless jweisbin mistakenly started this thread in the wrong Forum.  Therefore the other piece of client machine software must be named something other than Adobe Flash Player Install Manager.app, even if it is Adobe software that serves the same function.  
However it may be software from another manufacturer, such as ChronoAgent from Econ Technologies, Inc..  I've taken a bit of a look at some pages for ChronoSync, which seems to be in some respects the "backup server" equivalent that "supports optimized file transfers with other Macs using ChronoAgent".  Is it possible that, per this page, jweisbin has a ChronoSync synchronization schedule that conflicts with his/her Retrospect backup script for the client machine that is getting the -505 error?  What would happen if he/she changed the sequence in which the client machine that gets the -505 error gets backed up versus the "other similar machines which don't have this issue"?
BTW, this page indicates that downloads for ChronoSynC and ChronoAgent are available only for macOS and iOS.  So I think that my assumption in the second sentence of the fourth paragraph in this post is wrong; jweisbin did mistakenly start this thread in the wrong Forum.  I have started a thread with the same topic title in the "Retrospect 9 or higher for M acintosh" Forum, asking Retrospect Mac administrators who can shed light on the -505 error to post in this thread.


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In 2nd prgf. changed '[b]' to '["bee"]' to prevent bolding by the editor of the remainder of the post
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jweisbin might also want to look at this post and the following posts in that thread.  I found that thread by doing an Advanced Search for ChronoSync in the Retrospect Mac Forums.  Of course that thread is talking about a -519 error (which would probably be changed to a -530 error by the #6080 fix in Retrospect Mac 13), not a -505 error, and it is in the "Retrospect 8 for Macintosh" forum—and Retrospect Mac 8 was very buggy.


In post #15 in that same thread, Daniels says "I would try backing it up when it is not use with all programs closed ...."  He/she then says in that same post  "I have experienced this issue especially with Adobe and OS automatic updates, as they are using the network card to download thus preventing Retrospect from connecting to the client."  That especially agrees with what I said about Adobe in post #2 in this thread.


Also, in post #12 in that thread, twickland mentions unchecking the "Put hard drives to sleep when possible" checkbox in System Preferences->Energy Saver.

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Yes, I did post to the wrong forum, sorry about that. Can this thread be moved?



Sorry, jweisbin, AFAIK there's only one person with the ability to move a thread in these Forums—and that person is Mayoff.  For reasons described in the first paragraph of this post, I don't think he'll notice your request in this forum.  


You could try posting that request in the "Product Suggestions—Windows" forum.  Going beyond that, you could actually click this link and create a Support Case with the "please select issue" dropdown set to Forum Request; if you include the URL for this thread in "Please enter a description of your issue", Mayoff might read that Support Case and move your thread.


As of the time I post this 53 people have read the thread I posted 9 days ago on your behalf in the "Retrospect 9 or higher for Macintosh" forum.  If by now you haven't gotten any replies from other people in this thread, IMHO it's because probably nobody else has any useful suggestions to make.  Sorry about that.


Please post back to let us know if you've solved your -505 problem.


P.S.: Heavens to Betsy, Retrospect Inc. seems to have now eliminated the newish Support Case page sub-section that implied that you have to sign up for ASM to open a Support Case!  I guess either all the customers learned to ignore that sub-section, or Retrospect Inc. realized that the sub-section was inhibiting customers from filing Support Cases for genuine bugs—which IMHO would not be good for improving Retrospect's dubious reputation for reliability.

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