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Does restoring verify files?


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I've just rebuilt my catalog for a media set to be restored. I'd like to know that the files are ok as they been transferred over different drives. I know I can verify the media set to check this. In order to save time, if I just went ahead and did the restore, would that be doing a verify anyway?



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See the section "Recreating a Catalog" starting on page 478 of the Retrospect Windows 12 User's Guide.  It says there "Retrospect can recreate a Catalog by reading the Backup Set media. Recreating may take a long time, depending on the amount of data in the Backup Set."  IMHO that means Retrospect is actually reading the data, so that—per any error messages in the log—should tell you if the files are OK.  However, I bow to anyone who actually knows more about this.


P.S.: Changed Retrospect Windows 14 to Retrospect Windows 12 in first sentence; I'm a Retrospect Mac user, although the page number shown is the correct one for the Windows UG.

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