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Building Catalog file taking over 4 days.

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One of my backup scripts started on Sunday with the log reporting

"Normal backup using MonWedFriSun at 26/03/2017, 13:54:18

26/03/2017 13:54:22: Finished scanning backup set data files"


Since then the Summary window for the running script has shown 'Building Catalog file'


Now 5 days


Should I stop it and do a manual rebuild of the catalog or just let it run its course - or is it really corrupted?





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That screenshot doesn't tell me anything, apart from the fact that instant scan is running. Please turn off instant scan and anything else that is running, except Retrospect itself. Now, is the any disk activity or network activity?

What kind of media set do you have? Where are the members located?

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OK, local disk. Then it is the "Disk" pane in Apple's Activity Monitor that is of most interest. If the computer reads at least (say) 100 MB/second from the disk(s), then Retrospect is working. If not, you should stop Retrospect, reboot the computer and then try Retrospect again. You will probably have to repair the catalog file.

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