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Cannot Access NAS Drive: Error 1019

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I have Retrospect version 11 running on Windows 10. I back up to a NAS drive every day, proactively and Groom once a week proactively.


Right now I have an error message "Sorry server login failed, error 1019 (not enough resources) Please try using Explorer to Connect"


I am able to access this drive via Explorer and there is plenty of space on the drive.


The problem is that I am stuck in an infinite loop:

I OK the message but it just pops right back...I can't get out of it.


I can't even stop Restrospect except by use of the Windows Task Manager.


What's the problem?

How do I get out of this loop?



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"server login failed" is the symptom.

"not enough resources" is the cause. (Meaning the backup computer is out of "resources"). The problem is that "resources" can be (almost) anything in the Windows world...


Try rebooting the backup computer.

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