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Removed server app from Mac but Retrospect still says it's a server

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I had a computer that I used for test purposes that used to have the Mac server app installed. I've since deleted the server app and the server directory from /Library/Server but Retrospect still shows that this computer requires a server license. How does Retrospect determine what is a server and what is considered a desktop and how can I get Retrospect to no longer think this is a server machine?


If I'm backing up a NAS by adding it as a share, does that also count as a separate server license? 

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I've been confused by this as well.  There are two types of servers, Retrospect Server which is where the backup server software is running, and a hardware server.  Backing up a hardware server counts in Retrospect licensing as backing up a server not a client even though it is a Retrospect client.


In order to back up servers you'll need a multi-server license.  That's my understanding.

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I'm not sure how Retrospect determines it is a server OS (or not).


The easiest way may be to backup all files, erase the disk and install a non-server OS. Then restore the files you need, avoiding to restore any system files.


If you added the NAS as a share, you don't need any license at all.

If you are installing the Retrospect Client software on the NAS and backup through that, you need a Retrospect client license. If the NAS runs a server OS, you need a Retrospect server license as well.

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